YYF Supernova color coming off on grinds

I got my supernova (the older version) off the BST a few days ago, and I’m starting to get used to it. Now, I have a few questions:

  1. It has some vibe. How can I fix that?
  2. I thumb-grinded (on the inner and outer rims), and the colors just kinda rubbed off onto my fingers. Now I have a blue stain on my thumbnail. The paint on the yoyo, on the other hand, is fading. Is it supposed to do that?

Yeah years ago when I first goy my 888x I thumb grinded the ano to death. It’s all raw and shiny in the IRG now ;D

As far as vibe goes, eh, it’s probably just the yoyo, but you could try tuning or swapping bearings.

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Stop doing grinds and vibe happens. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Try different bearings or just cleaning the one you have. That’s all I’ve got right now. :-\ As for grinds, some yoyos just do that and there is no way around it. Maybe you could find some other yoyo to grind with?

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HAve you tryed tuning the yoyo?

As for the grinds, not sure what to do there…
You could hire someone to put on a stronger coat.

After ruining the ano on the inter ring of one of my throws I never thumb grind with a new throw unless I have on a glove or throw a little piece of medical tape over my thumb nail. My best advice is to get a good Delrin or high quality plastic throw, and practice your IR grinds on that. They spin much better than aluminum on the nail anyways, little to no fiction.

This tends to happen with 7075 anodized throws or at least older ones. That and just cheap anodizing in general can have that problem. Nothing you can do but deal with it and enjoy the throw. As for the vibe like most said it’s tuning or bearing swapping but you’ll most likely be stuck with it. The yoyo should still perform fine though.

2009,2010,2011 YoYoFactory throws may fade color.

If you have ever seen a red with black splash monster, it looks pretty red and black… With a LOT of use, it turns into a white/pink/grey color… Colors do fade from too much grinding. If you really want the ano to stay, don’t even use it. (String can eat the color off as well) BUTTTTTTTTT YoYos are meant to be played. Faded color and dings represent the time spent on practice on the yoyo.