question about YYJ Dark Magic National Master edition


So I just got my new yoyo today and I was really excited. First thing I did on my new dark magic yoyo was thumb grind and as soon as I got the yoyo back up I had realized that the black paint stripped from the yoyo onto my fingernail. Is this supposed to happen? ???


no its not but ahh look on the brit side wellahh yahh they riped you off man ps thats my opinion lol


Actually, thats wrong. The metal was anodized, so naturally, when thumb grinding, the anodization came off.

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yeah as much as it sucks samad is right.


A finger nail is actually quite a tough surface and when it grinds against an anodized yo-yo can cause the anodization to slowly ‘grind’ off. Thumb grinding on anodization isn’t recommended since over time you can completely remove it - however it doesn’t just come off after a few times. You would notice the amount of anodization left on your finger gets smaller and smaller over time - the anodization may slowly disappear underneath the rim if you continue to thumb grind. Anytime you are grinding something against a surface this happens - same thing with the underside of a skateboard against concrete.


That’s weird, I have been thumb grinding my yo-yo a few times and it’s as good as new.