Ano problem please help!


Hey all, so I recently got a MOVE. I had been interested in getting one for over a year, but funding wasn’t there. Anyway, I bought one (new, not bst), and the colorway is brilliant! Easily my favorite of any yoyo I own.

Here’s the problem: when I do fingerspins with it, significant amounts of the ano rub off. I did a few fingerspins a little while after receiving it and noticed the problem. Contacted the seller and he said it was normal and would probably stop after awhile. Since then I’ve tried a few more fingerspins and at this point I don’t want to touch the yoyo anymore until I get something figured out. In total I think I’ve done 7 fingerspins on this and I have several concentric circles where the color is nearly gone.

This absolutely does not seem normal. It really sucks because as I mentioned, this is my favorite colorway and I expect I’ll never be able to replace it (it was specific to the throwdown event). I’ve also contacted C3 but haven’t received a response.

Any help? I’m not sure what to do at this point, and it’s really bumming me out…


Cheap anno. It should not be doing that, but I would stop worrying about it and just enjoy your yoyo. My shutter has places where the anno has rubbed of, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t effect play. If you contacted.the maker already, then wait a little, and if they don’t get back to you, I would just play with the yoyo and have fun.


Thanks for the reply. Since then I grabbed another MOVE (diff color), and have no problems with the color coming off at all. In fact I’ve grinded my finernail down from doing so many fingerspins on it and it’s held up perfectly. Additionally my throwdown version seems to have more friction, so it does seem to affect play. My other color has a soft matte finish, while the throwdown is very reflective. BillyBobs (I realize this may actually be censored since it’s a competitor, but they list the surface info, so I thought it might help) lists them both as having “smooth processed” surface, so it’s odd that they’re different.