YYJ Trinity!?

On another forum a guy posted a pic of his new Trinity…

What’s the deal? Is it out yet? Did I miss something?



Basicaly, it’s an all metal dark magic, and it’s not out yet.

Picture Quote from RAGE (I hope you don’t mind)


Great find.
I hope it will release soon

The word awesome should answer any question you may have about that particular yoyo.

Looks cool. I always thought that Yoyojam should make an all metal Dark Magic. Might get it for the heck of it. Looks good for thumb grinds. It looks like it has more of an H-shape then the original Dark Magic.

Hooooo yeahhhhh YYJ just became one of my favourite manufacturers with that >_<

I thought there would never be a yoyojam that I wanted. I was wrong.

i’m sure apetrunk is thrilled…

You guys also need to see (and play) the Infinity.

It’s EXACTLY like a Dark Magic, with a small step where the plastic/metal separation is on the DM.

ye but possibly ligter now better for finger and palm grinds looks awsome

Yoyos with sharp edges like that aren’t very good for palm grinding. The best yoyos for palm grinding have more of a roundish shape along the edges. Like the 44, or the 888, and Boss. Those are all really good yoyos for this type of grinding.

Where do you see sharp edges?

actually its round edges do you see

so is this andre’s new siggnature yoyo?

ya, his third. :o

Two more and he’d have more than Mickey ::slight_smile:

Anyway, this thread just made my day. Anyone have specs?

Seen it, played it, Not my thing…
Its kind of light, and pretty big…i should have bought one at NER just to sell to yall lmao

Is has more of an H-Shape. The yoyos good for palm grinding are the shapes just like I said. That will just hit your hand and not grind.