Trinity Threads String Battle!!!!

This is a new 1a contest for MY YOYO STRING!!! Trinity Threads so theres gonna be two levels!!! Beginner and Advanced so all who want to enter Leave A COMMENT!!!

Oh yea Winner gets a FREE pack FREEEEEEEEE pack of Trinity Threads!!!

Videos must be from 1 to 2 minutes long and you can only have 30 seconds max of no yoyoing if you want an intro or what not. Besides that go for it
VIDEOS due Next Friday!!! So, the 21st cuz thats when i need to get ready for school.

-Gm User
-Mitch Ginder



Can I join?

Advanced if so.

Rules would help…


lol, I didn’t notice that fact… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I join? If so I would probably be placed between Advanced and the top level, If thats how it goes.

Fixed i think

Sorry my camera is not working at the moment so you can might as well cross my name off the list.

You cant get it to work in two weeks?
Reply again if you fixed it and want to be put back on the roster

Ill take an Advanced spot thank you

I’ll take a beginner spot, if that’s ok (I know one expert trick)

Meh, I guess you could say a lot of it isn’t YYR.

Expurrrt. I’ll make a vid soon. Please put me on the roster.

i will see if my sister lets me borrow her camera this week or next week but dont put me up ill get back 2 you

I want to join but IDK what level here is a vid of mine.
Idk why its slow mo I gotta figure out how to fix that

Beginner i would say


Then move me to begginer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say advanced, but its your batle, do what you want.

Oh really thats advanced, i expected advanced to be like Samad and Dr Yoyo all hardcore

Is shipping free for foreign countries?

Advanced or beginner?

i dont know how many stamps it takes to mail a letter to china but ill throw you in advanced and if you win youll still have the pride of knowing you won

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