trigger vs classic

which is better for speed a trigger with a 10 ball or a classic with sili pads and 10 ball?

Depends on what you like really. Id prefer the trigger

Honestly I prefer my classic.

All preference though.

Depends on my mood.

Both are good. The Classic is surprising for it’s price, and even with the upgrades, still amazes me.

I can go either way. A fun yoyo is a fun yoyo.

Mine both play incredible but the shape of my classic Is a little more uncomfortable than the trigger many it’s just me

I find the Trigger way more uncomfortable on the catch cause of the sharp rims, which is why I have a slight preference for the classic.

There seems to be an obsession with"speed" on here lately. Unless your yoyo is excessively heavy, the speed of your play is all about, well, how fast you can perform tricks with a given yoyo. Want to add speed to your play? Get faster. Get more accurate.

Need help choosing between a tricked out Classic and a Trigger?

They both rock. The Classic is a bit oversized and not quite as wide as the Trigger. They are both incredible values, but I feel the Classic is probably quite a bit more durable while the Trigger gives the impression of being a more “serious” player. All of that being said, buy them both and save on shipping.

I’ve noticed this as well. I do feel some yoyos lend themselves to playing faster than others, I’m just not sure the people asking about speedy yoyos are quite ready for super fast play. Most players don’t even try to play super fast until they’ve mastered plenty of tricks and may have even come up with a few of their own.

Beginners (i.e. the type of people who would be asking for advice on entry level/intermediate plastic yoyos) should probably look for yoyos with more stability as that’s what will make it easier to learn tricks.

And as Waylon stated, most of the speed comes from the player, rather than the yoyo.

i cant realy afford more metals and i enjoy the feel of “fast,speedy” yoyos some justfeel faster than others to me thats what i was basing my criteria on.