Trigger, Asteroid, Chaser, or LOOP 808 Pair? Need to Decide Today


Ok, so I’m getting a bunch of accessories and a couple yoyos for Black Friday. I want to start looping, but I also want a new yoyo. I’m looking at the Chaser, Asteroid, Trigger, and a LOOP 808 pair. For 1A, I’m looking for something fast, but I’ve wanted to buy the Trigger since before its release. Is it fast? I’ve also wanted an Asteroid for a while. The Chaser has also interested me for a while and I want something really fast. Also, I’ve never tried 2A, but I can kind of one handed loop and kind of want to try 2A.

So which would you get? Is looping fun? Is the Trigger fast?

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I love my Trigger. Love it.


Trigger over the Chaser because I find the Trigger t be more versatile(1A,3A,5A better), and a better grinder. Really liking this one. I won my yellow one, and I later PURCHASED a blue one. Not what I was expecting from a JD-designed yoyo, because I would have expected undersized. Still, wow. This really knocks the doors off the $20-40 plastic market.

Asteroid: Also fantastic, different shape, but the smooth surfaces make it not suitable for grinding. Over-sized and fun though, no question about it. Can be vibey, but I haven’t found it to be enough to distract from play unless I just want to obsess about it like it’s an OCD. The shape is all 1A. The PSG, being the same price, can have the same issues as the Asteroid, but the shape lends itself better to 3A and 5A play, making it a bit more rounded as a player. The Asteroid is faster and more aggressive Both are fun. If I had to pick one, I’d have a hard time. I have 2 of each. Since my main thing is 1A, I’d say Asteroid.

Chaser is also great. Heavy, plays fast, don’t fee heavy. Definitely a 1A throw, OK at 5A. I experimented with bearings in this and I ended up finding that for me, the stock YYJ Speed bearing(included in the package) was in fact the best bearing for me. Your results may vary. I do like this player a lot.

Loopers: Loop 808’s are fantastic starters. They aren’t my favorites, but they are still pretty decent throws at a crazy price. I prefer YYJ Unleashed. It was an objective of mine to get a pair of Loop 808’s at Nationals and I sure did get them!

I have all the above mentioned stuff but do not have the Nebulas.

If it was me, I’d go with the Trigger and Loop 808’s. It may be over budget, but I think that will be your best bet. It may JUST quality for the 10% off if you’re spending over $50.

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I don’t know if I would call the trigger fast, but it is AMAZING. It rivals my Hour as far as I am concerned.


I’m also getting a 100 pack of Kitty String, Buddha 10 Ball Bearings, Hi-Chew, and maybe other accessories. Sadly, I’m getting the stuff from another store because they have the Trigger in Mountain Dew. :frowning: Also, it’s not as much “over budget” but more “don’t have the money” issues.


Ok. The reason I want fast is because Shinya Kido’s freestyles (he uses the Sleipnir) are some of my favorites and he’s inspired me to play faster.


I don’t think it’s good form to come to YYE to ask about items to buy them at another place. Hey, I know exactly where you’re talking about, I just bought 2 new Aquarius from there as well. I like them too. But, I hear ya. I get it. If one place doesn’t have what I want and/or in the color I want, I’m going to go where I can get what I want.

I won’t lie. YYE isn’t the only place I buy from. One of the two two places I do buy from though. I try and advise on YYE models that YYE carries whenever possible. Since I’m here, I want to try to push sales HERE. Note, that even though I’m a ForumXpert, I’m not obligated to do so. I choose to do so.

Budget vs “amount of money available”: Whatever works.


Sorry. :frowning:


No worries.

We just have to keep in mind what YYE is and what goes on here.

It’s just a matter of respect. It’s the same at other store-driven forums on most other sites.

Now, hurry up, time is running out! Savings are savings!


Yeah, my dad wouldn’t let me buy the Trigger so I just got the accessories?


See if you can get the Trigger as a Christmas present. It’s really good!