I am buying a yoyo and am wondering if I should get the Asteroid, Northstar, Chaser, Fever, Raptor, or DV888. These and any other suggestions are welcome! I might buy something higher priced like the BOSS or Axiom, but would there be a noticable difference in quality between it and my Dark Magic II? If not, I’ll probably get something cheaper. My budget is $80. Please answer today because I want to buy something for National YoYo Day.


What’s your budget and skill level?


Yes, you should get one of those.

Let me confuse you more:
PSG, Legacy II and Protostar.

Actually, you should get ALL of those! Your list and my list. It’s only money! You know you want it!

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^^ This ^^

And you might also want to take into account the YoYos Chris suggested.


Budget is $80 (but want to spend $50 or less), and I can do stuff up until Buddha’s Revenge on the expertvillage scale and I can do thumb grinds and Skin the Gerbil.


ooooooo hard choices! I’d say Dv888 or a chaser. A chaser is cheap and fun (my favorite plastic) and i think it looks way cool! its only $30 too so you could get other yoyo(s) with your budget! maybe get some bearings or other accessories… thats what i did, I got V4M lube and some replacement pads, i was gonna get dragon string but the last one sold out as i was ordering it :frowning: Anyways Good Luck!!! Happy National Yo-Yo day!


With the 15% off, it’s still hard to get some stuff into the $50 bracket. The C3YoYoDesign DiBase is freakin’ AMAZING!! The RecRec Facade, another winner. I’m only not getting a Facade because of the current colors available here, but theroybit got an amazing blue base with white/silver/black splash at BAC. RecRev also makes amazing metals at really super insanely affordable prices.

Do your math and make your decision. It’s difficult to do stuff under pressure. I went cheap and got myself a stackless PGM today, but it’s bundled with some goodies for theroybit and someone else, so the shipping is well covered!


Facade is Amazing! My favorite throw right now as you might notice :slight_smile: I love the color scheme… idk something about purple just sucks me in. If you’re gonna buy just one yoyo get the facade IMO.


What do you guys think about the BOSS, G-Funk, and Axiom?


Axiom looks very generic, but that’s all I can say about it. I haven’t played it.

The Boss and G-Funk aren’t on my list of throws I’m interested in. Then again, neither is the Axiom.’

C3YoYoDesign: Normally $55, right now at 15% off: $46.75
RecRev Facade: Normally $72, right now at 15% off: $61.20. Still budget for strings at 15% off(100% poly, even go for Kitty string if you want a 100-count), and shipping in there as well.

Heck, get some variety if you want. Protostar or Northstar with a Chaser or PSG or Asteroid or Legacy II(that one can grind). You still have dollars in the budget for other stuff, such as string and shipping since it’s 15% off your WHOLE order.