I am buying a yoyo and am wondering if I should get the Asteroid, Northstar, Chaser, Fever, Raptor, or DV888. These and any other suggestions are welcome! I might buy something higher priced like the BOSS or Axiom, but would there be a noticable difference in quality between it and my Dark Magic II? If not, I’ll probably get something cheaper. My budget is $80. Please answer today because I want to buy something for National YoYo Day.

What’s your budget and skill level?

Yes, you should get one of those.

Let me confuse you more:
PSG, Legacy II and Protostar.

Actually, you should get ALL of those! Your list and my list. It’s only money! You know you want it!

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^^ This ^^

And you might also want to take into account the YoYos Chris suggested.

Budget is $80 (but want to spend $50 or less), and I can do stuff up until Buddha’s Revenge on the expertvillage scale and I can do thumb grinds and Skin the Gerbil.

ooooooo hard choices! I’d say Dv888 or a chaser. A chaser is cheap and fun (my favorite plastic) and i think it looks way cool! its only $30 too so you could get other yoyo(s) with your budget! maybe get some bearings or other accessories… thats what i did, I got V4M lube and some replacement pads, i was gonna get dragon string but the last one sold out as i was ordering it :frowning: Anyways Good Luck!!! Happy National Yo-Yo day!

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With the 15% off, it’s still hard to get some stuff into the $50 bracket. The C3YoYoDesign DiBase is freakin’ AMAZING!! The RecRec Facade, another winner. I’m only not getting a Facade because of the current colors available here, but theroybit got an amazing blue base with white/silver/black splash at BAC. RecRev also makes amazing metals at really super insanely affordable prices.

Do your math and make your decision. It’s difficult to do stuff under pressure. I went cheap and got myself a stackless PGM today, but it’s bundled with some goodies for theroybit and someone else, so the shipping is well covered!

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Facade is Amazing! My favorite throw right now as you might notice :slight_smile: I love the color scheme… idk something about purple just sucks me in. If you’re gonna buy just one yoyo get the facade IMO.

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What do you guys think about the BOSS, G-Funk, and Axiom?

Axiom looks very generic, but that’s all I can say about it. I haven’t played it.

The Boss and G-Funk aren’t on my list of throws I’m interested in. Then again, neither is the Axiom.’

C3YoYoDesign: Normally $55, right now at 15% off: $46.75
RecRev Facade: Normally $72, right now at 15% off: $61.20. Still budget for strings at 15% off(100% poly, even go for Kitty string if you want a 100-count), and shipping in there as well.

Heck, get some variety if you want. Protostar or Northstar with a Chaser or PSG or Asteroid or Legacy II(that one can grind). You still have dollars in the budget for other stuff, such as string and shipping since it’s 15% off your WHOLE order.

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