Tricks while walking?


I like to walk for exercise, and I take my yo-yo with me, but I’m struggling with unresponsive tricks while walking. Can anyone recommend unresponsive tricks you can perform (or better yet, you have performed) while actively walking around?

Or maybe I’m going about this the wrong way, and I should stick with responsive yo-yos and basic responsive tricks while walking?

Suggestions welcome!


I normally take a looper or a cheap fixie while I’m out walking, but for unresponsive I find front style tricks the way to go. I can barely land a trapeze while I’m walking, but a seasick barrel roll combo is no trouble at all. Makes it easier to see where you’re going too!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3

I do front throw, plastic whip, bind; or laceration bind.

I can sometimes do trapeze while walking but that’s tough.

Normally I grab an alley cat though.

(Mark) #4

I tried this earlier in the year when it finally got warm outside, but found myself feeling dizzy and almost sick to my stomach when doing 1a. Maybe I’ll try looping or launch the yoyo up and run down the street with 4a :thinking:

(Choncworth) #5

Front style seems to work well while in motion. The walking and throwing is a bit difficult in a busy area. While walking I usually rock this little Split the Atom repeater deal I like to do.

But yea, front style for sure.

({John15}) #6

Walking and throwing is super tricky (pun intended). I usually do simple flowy redirect stuff like this mainly because I can do this kind of stuff without looking and it’s just kind of second nature by this point. And binds. Just a lot of different kinds of binds are easy enough to do while walking.


I can do trapeze, pop-up-and-pull-towards-gap (not sure what this is called) and whip binds? What else do you recommend as far as binds?


Anyone else got specific unresponsive bind recommendations for throwing while walking?

Alternately I could just stick to responsive on my walks…

(ZAC) #9

Eli Hops for blocks.

(Zakai) #10

Try a twisty bind, from this Evan Nagao Tutorial.

({John15}) #11

Are you describing a sky bind?

Here’s a video of a sky bind, and probably my favorite behind, which I don’t know the name of. Both should be good for walking. Actually, I do that second bind over and over and over again on autopilot when I want just throw but I don’t want to put in a whole lot of effort.

Also, I made a tutorial for the trick that I shared above (minus the second Chopstick portion). It makes a really good mindless repeater once you get it down, it’s really been helpful for developing flow too. It’s one of the main tricks I do when I’m out walking around and want to throw.

(ChrisFrancz) #12

I find anything but forward pass and around the world difficult because of the physics of movement and walking towards the yo. These posts are going to make me try some new things though. I use my YYF Oracle as a walk around.


couldn’t agree more, chill frontstyle is the way to go during walks. also bring a cheaper yoyo and watch where you are walking. doing tricks using muscle memory also develops consistency.


I’ve kinda given up on this, I don’t think it’s really possible to do meaningful unresponsive stuff while walking around… so when walking I take responsives exclusively.

(It’s also nice to be able to do stuff one handed when you are oot and aboot)

(ChrisFrancz) #17

I’ve done a bunch of forward passes with my Fireball walking with my brother around his neighborhood. Medium length string and triple looped. It didn’t take a lot of concentration and I didn’t have to keep my eye on it too closely.


I’m surprised people have a problem with this. I can do pretty much any trick in my arsenal that I’m comfortable with stationary fine walking. Focusing is a little harder and I understand if you’re turning a lot but if you’re just taking a stroll I don’t see what would make it so difficult unless you’re doing excessively slacky, “big”, or difficult tricks. Pros can jump and move around a lot during their very high level routines, I’m confused as to how walking while doing tricks drilled into our brains could be so difficult. It’s just walking, it’s not like I’m running or jumping around.


I feel like front style combos are easier.

(ChrisFrancz) #20

But even with forward pass - I’m walking toward the yoyo when it’s out in front of me so it’s a physics thing. Never had a problem with it though since it was a shorter string so a quicker return. I never thought about or even wanted to do a front combo while walking since it would take too much concentration.


But if the yoyo is in motion or on the string, it doesn’t really matter to much.

Kind of a similar concept to horizontal I guess but doing regular front style or side style tricks walking is definitely way easier than horizontal

({John15}) #22

Looping is fun while walking. Practicing it is anyway

Edit: I’m not that good at it, I can get two maybe three loops in each throw