Tricks while walking?

(ChrisFrancz) #23

What do you loop with? Do you have a looping yoyo I have not seen in your collection photos?

({John15}) #24

My wife has a Gamer. I also have a Duncan Limewire


When I walk somewhere and I know it’s going to be a little bit I take my deep state


Yes, I love me some dEEp sTATe


Recommend a nice responsive for walking.

Edit: you did

(ChrisFrancz) #28

I keep looking at Deep State. I like Replay for responsive but want a more traditional shape and since DS is metal I am assuming it’d give me more spin time as well as that awesome snap back to my hand.

(Jim Honaker) #29

It does snap back quite well. It depends a little on how you set it up. It is semi-responsive, so out of the box good spin time and can handle a decent amount of 1A style unresponsiveplay play. If you lube it up good you lose some spin but gain that responsiveness with a little fixed axle fell. I love the deep state and it fits beautifully in my pocket.


Yeah, My attempts at ‘walking unresponsive’ never do pan out.
I may start taking an Imperial with me walking …if I can find mine. I have about an 8-10 min walk from where I park to work, so that would be cool.


For me over here in Seattle, walking is not the issue when yoyoing outside, the crazily windy winter weather is.


Ah yeah I forgot to mention the wind and its effect on unresponsive tricks. I truly respect yo-yo competitors at contests held outdoors in wind!

(Mark) #34

Ever play the offstring game, who can get the most hang-time? It’s especially fun I mean interesting I mean insane when it’s windy!


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