90's thrower just started again.

Hey everyone, I was into yoyo when I was a kid, back in the 90s they was a bit of a big thing over here in the UK. I am now 24, and just got myself a magic yoyo dark angel.

Feels really strange, being unresponsive. Have to keep reminding myself to bind.

Does anyone know any good resources for a beginner unresponsive player? Most of the tricks I see for beginners I can already do with a responsive yo yo, need some tricks for unresponsive.

Well, I hope to catch up and have some fun in this! Forgot how fun it used to be :).

i put this on the introduction thread to but this site is my favorite

although nothing has been posted on the site in year the tutorials are great

Give plastic whip a try

Most stuff can be done on responsive. The whole point of unresponsive is to make it easier

Welcome to the forums. This site, for one, has great tutorials. Check out the CLYW Cabin Tutorials as well, although they are pretty advanced. I’m sure you could find a few you could do though.

^^^That site has a lot of tricks but lets be honest André Is the best teacher one could ask for!

Thanks for the replies! And spar hawk, plastic whip is one of the tricks I’ve already got down.

I can do the simple shape tricks like rock the baby and things like that, but plastic whip was the first sort of new trick I have learnt.

I’l check the links posted and have a go at some others.