Tricks w/ light up yo-yos

The Aurora and Kui open possibilities not seen before.

What tricks do you think will show them off at night

Some ideas:

Dr Strange
Jedi Hops (easy peasy if you remember it)
Gyro Flops
Eli Hops
Tricks where the yo-yo seems suspended in space.

Can you think of any?

I am thinking there is the potential for a “magical” element to it, like the Zombie" ball magic trick where it appears to float with no means of support.


I think tricks with a lot of yoyo movement work well. Slacks and suicides, not so much. Sidestyle only works if you have a translucent yoyo.

I’d add to the list:

  • Seasick
  • Boingy-boingy

I think anything with big direction changes and a lot of motion would look cool as well. There’s a bunch of stuff from the Old School trick contest; Matrix, Hyper Pinwheel, Black Hole, that might look good. Redirects, in general would be pretty neat. If you interspersed more stationary “floating in space” tricks with big fast motion tricks, it’d probably be pretty compelling.

Yeah, this is a good point. Old school tricks offer a lot of interesting options, I think. Heck, looping is honestly the coolest looking thing you can do in the dark with a light up yoyo. Even around the world looks pretty good. Around the world into some eli-hops would make for a nice “big” element, then move into something smaller and faster like boingy-boingy…

Agreed here as well. That feels like the bones of a neat light-up routine.

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Vermicious Knid:

  • Throw an Around the World.

  • Step over your TH leg so that the yoyo passes under it as it swings around.

  • Land on a Trapeze between your legs.

  • Dismount into a Reverse Around the World.

  • Step to your TH side so that the yoyo passes under your NTH leg as it swings around.

  • Land on a Trapeze under your leg and behind your back.

  • Dismount the yoyo into another Around the Word.

  • The yoyo will be spinning in a Side-Style direction, so you can either land on Trapeze as the yoyo swings around and finish, or you can transition into a Side-Style combo trick.

I think this trick might in that video.

don’t forget - it’s dark lol. Some of those tricks might be a bit blind.

Might be time to revisit “monkey climbs the ladder” and some of the basic basics again.


For sure!!


Grinds yes, dog no.

Walk the dog, aka scratch the yo-yo.

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Haha, but not necessarily all that dark. The Aurora’s pretty bright. Of course you could also setup a black light to make the string more visible for you and the audience.

Quality light up yo-yos are arguably the biggest step forward in some time.
Many 8-9 yr old yo-yos play as well as anything today.

I’ll be getting one.

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It is. Though one thing to remember is that it isn’t translucent. So anything that doesn’t present the side of the yoyo to the audience/camera/etc won’t show well in low light at all.

Right, be sure to face the audience on side style, and turn to the side for front style.

Vermicious Knid would start turned to the side and transition into facing the audience.

Without a black light, Mach 5 might accomplish this nicely.

This might be really cool for that too, if you could pull it off in the dark! (or at all in my case :smirk:)

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