Tricks to do for Canada Day Performance?

So, I’m scheduled to perform at the Canada Day stage, and I have my whole 3 1/2 minute performance ready, however, when I did it at my schools talent show the flashier tricks like Eli Hops seem to get people WAY more excited than all the intricate string movements (probably cause they don’t understand/see it properly). I am planning, of course, to do the classic tricks like Rock The Baby, but I of course still have my complex tricks like Electric Bologna when the song speeds up.

Basically, what I’m asking is whether you guys know any good simple tricks that people who aren’t into yo-yoing understand and probably gaze in awe when seen (ex. Eli Hops)


Boingy boing, revolutions, jade whip, iron whip, follow, whip combos.

Grinds gyro flop, and especially…


Yeah… 's cool…

Exactly. I’d especially do boingy going, and revolutions. You can do some grinds.

trapeze follow, horizontal (anything will be awsome),yuuki slack, kwijibo and ladder escape :wink:

Canada day was a while ago. :wink: Probably better than suggestions would be asking: how did it go? Which tricks did you end up using?


Try revolutions

What he said, lol. I hope it went well!