Talent Show tricks?

I’m doing a yoyo performance for a talent show with my brother. What tricks do you think I sould include?

Anything flashy. Boing-e-boing, Eli Hops and Revolutions are great.

Think big. Tech will not leave an impact like big tricks will.
Think big movements and unique to the public ideas.

Eli hops always impress, Texas cowboy almost always will guarantee cheers, boingys always make people laugh as it is an interesting and unique idea. Gyro flops has the affect that a magic trick does for many.
Leg wrap trap is always a crowd pleaser, and large body tricks are something very new to many.

Also, it’s good to toss in familiar tricks, and mix them up.

Example: Do a walk the dog, people will remember it and yes, the public will find it a great feat. Then, pop the yoyo up off the ground into an arm grind. Unexpected, for sure to win wide eyes and cheers.
Same with rock the baby, a trick people know, do a few rocks, then do some reps of dizzy baby. Again, totally unexpected by the public, and will be a huge crowd pleaser.

Choose some good music, preferably with a hard beat and fast pace, and you will be good to go.
Add some of your own artistic flare in facial expressions, body motion, and even clothing style, and you’re set for an awesome and memorable show!

Best of luck to ya hun!
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Thanks so far! What’s texas cowboy? I’ve never heard of it, though maybe a different name.


Also yuuki jump is an amazing crowd pleaser(I did it at my most recent talent show and got a huge reaction) I think Alexis JV has a tut. For it on YouTube under body tricks

the bigger the movements the better

I did 4 talent shows for my school last week, I got a lot of reaction from revolutions and when I did eli hops.


Hmm, syncronized stuff would be cool.

If you’re gonna mix in complex tricks, you’ve gotta throw in “crowd pleasers”. They aren’t terribly complex, but the crowds love it: Eli Hops, boing-e-boing do good. The simple beginner picture trucks also work good.

If you can both do 2A, see some Team Shaqler videos to get some ideas. Doing inside loops too close to each other and within each other’s radius would look dangerous from the side but is pretty safe.

4A toss and catch. Might be called juggling. Do a trick, pass the yoyo over. That person does a trick, binds, then throws, does a trick and passes it back. The fact that the string isn’t attached will score points right there.

If you can do 5A and 3A, I’d say go for it. However, mind your time. You may have to hand off on some styles and do things in a tag team format.

Thanks for posting this! I am doing a talent show soon with my friend, so this has helped me!