tricks that I need to learn

I need to learn more tricks. I like rejections, slacks, and slow technical tricks

Have you learned everything on yoyo expert? Even offstring, moebius, and counterweight?

Try this,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44770516,d.cGE&fp=fcbf27fb80f90149&biw=1024&bih=600

Or go 5a

 Harold Owens sounds like your kind of guy, he's slow, and he has some pretty good tricks.  Also, you should try a trick called double 3d eli hop; it's sort of a slack/rejectionish type trick, even though it isn't really a rejection.  If you want your own original slow technical tricks, start in a mount such as one-and-a-half-mount and double-or-nothing. Then hit one of the strings wrapped around your fingers.  Hope this helps.

can u post a vid of it

Learn my tricks:


Do you mean of harold or the trick i was talking about? Here’s a link to harold: , to me this seems kind of slow. to you it might seem fast.

I meant to say 3d eli hop, not double 3d eli hop