Eli Hop

Can someone help me out with this tricks, i’m getting so frustrated at it . do you guys have any kind of tips or advice that can help me out ? I landed on the strings couple of time but almost everytime it doesn’t like 8 out 10 times i miss.

the only thing i can tell you is keep practicing. You’ll get it eventually :slight_smile:

I’ve found that many people that get frustrated with this trick use way to much force. If you shoot the yoyo up to hard, it acually hits the end of the string, whiles it’s above your head, and bounces back at you. There’s a feel to it.

Try this:

  1. Work on the pop. Don’t even worry about catching it for a while. Experiment with how much force it takes to get the hieght you want.

  2. Be certain to let your throwhand move towards your non throw hand as the yoyo goes up. This should be a nice smooth motion keeping the string nice and straight.

  3. Once the yoyo reaches its apex, pull the throw hand away from the non throwhand. This should also be smooth, fast enough to keep the string straight.

  4. Once you can do these things, then started worrying about landing it on the string. Sometimes when learning I found it helpful to look at the angle of the string from the throw hand to the non throwhand and watch to see what side of the string I was missing on. I learned to make this adjustment rather easily. I think you will too.

Good luck and if you really are getting frustrated, take some time away from this trick and come back later. You’ll get it! :wink:


I know what I’m practicing today

Hi Skitrz, thanks for your tips . I was actually landed on the strings multiples time when i tug my free hand and gave it just a tiny bit of force to pop the yo up like 2-2,5 inches from my FH , still missed but landed 4 out of 5 is alots for practicing at first right ? And i know this is a hard tricks but i have practicing it for weeks now , and my friends Bday is coming and i want to suprise them with my yoyo skill by doing the Eli Hop and the Boing e Boing tricks .
But what the hecks , no pain no gain that’s what they said ^^

Good to hear!
Keep practicing and keep poping the yoyo higher and higher. It wont be long and you will be able to touch your hands together, the yoyo spinning way over your head. Have fun and good luck!

Very handy tips, Skitrz. Wish I’d known about these forums when I was learning eli hops.


it may also be helpful to get a wider yoyo, like a superwide or a monster

you’re right madsd, ONE yoyo doesn’t have much room when doing it and i was thinking to make a switch to Dark Magic II to learn grind and bunch other tricks since it got a wider gap and the #1 expert choices for Beginner , Intermidiate , Advance , Expert and Master :slight_smile: , right ???

I tend to do my eli hops reasonably slow. Doing them really fast like the pros do is quite difficult. If you pause for a moment between each hop you will learn it much quicker.

That’s exactly how i’m practicing Eli hop , slow and steady but the ONE yoyo gap is too narrow even when i put on the SPEC size C bearing.

Yeah, the ONE is quite narrow and it’s not all that forgiving when you don’t land the hops perfectly. That said, it’s possible with a bit of practice.


try practicing it sideways rather than upwards, lift both your hands as the yoyo goes off the string, at the same time move your NTH closer to your TH as the yoyo goes just right to keep a good tension in the string

it has to ckick, don’t get stuck on it

This is how I learned first I started with little hops of the Yoyo then once I got them down I did bigger and bigger hops until I could do eli hops which I really not that bad just requires practice

Just polishing the apple a little bit my friend.

Thanks man its hard to get an idea down when you need punctuation too!!

Well , my Eli hops gets better and better everyday now but i having issue with it , with each time i land the yoyo started to tilt , and after the 3rd time the yoyo snap dead instanly

Oh that’s because your not throwing A strong sleeper or your not landing it right because I have no problems doing it

or maybe Just maybe my yoyo doesn’t have a wide gap to land accurate on the string

A wide gap helps a little bit my grind machine I use has a fairly wide gap so I could land it more in the center