eli hops

k i been tryin to do eli hops but one thing i cant get is the pull up motion everytime when i pull on the string the yoyo shots forward not up and down. anyone have tips?

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The best way to describe it is that I can do is:
Hop the yoyo into the air by both pulling your hands apart and tightening the string slack. While the yoyo is hopping, pull your hands in closer as to keep the string slack tight, but allowing the yoyo to move up higher.

Once you do that, while keeping your hands as parallel as possible w/ the yoyo, pull your hands back apart and land back onto a trapeze.

I can try and make a tut at some point if you’d like.

i cant do it either.

The reason it’s going left and not up is because you have to let the yoyo go down first. The string acts like a trampoline, you give the string some slack so it forms a wide V. Then, when you pull, the string will straighten shooting the yoyo upwards, but you also need to bring your hands togethor when the yoyo goes up. If you don’t, the yoyo won’t have enough room on the string to go upwards and will swing in an arc. So, recape

  1. Give string slack
  2. Pull string tight
  3. Move hands together.
    Should be as simple as that.
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Ahh, I had this same problem. You simply move both hands apart with the same length and power. What you’re doing is moving one hand more than the other. Hope this helped! ;D

Trampoline is the perfect example. After you do the trapeze, pull both hands away from each other. Causing the yoyo to go up. But if you just do this one step, as you said, it’ll go forward into an arc. That’s why right after pulling your hands away from each other, make sure the yoyo is still emerging upwards, and close your hands. Your yoyo and string now should be in full height. Now reverse what you did. Open your hands away from each other causing the yoyo to go down. Now aim the yoyo to fall back into the string.

Now take a bow, you just learned eli hops.