Help with Eli Hops?

Hey guys, I haven’t been on this forum in a WHILE! I just would like to know a few tips with Eli Hops. Thanks

Try landing the yoyo closer to your index finger.

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I would assume you have seen this:

That really has everything you need but other than that my best advice is practice somewhere where you have a lot of room and just go all out. I had a hard time at first with it but I just spent an afternoon slinging the yoyo around outside and I got it. Also I find a yoyo glove helps with speed which helps with consistency which helps with aim and stability. Or is it the other way around? Anyway a glove helped me. So does having a wide and stable yoyo.

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…and Eli hops does take alot of practice. I miss a few sometimes. Some other things to keep in mind are: As the yoyo is coming down, I pull the string tight very abruptly so the yoyo falls right on the string. And as M2 said, try to land the yoyo close to your pointer finger.  :wink: Remember, the key is ALWAYS practice. I promise you will get it eventually.  ;D

Also, this thread might help:

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Pretend your mickey and do it as fast as you can the faster you do it the less time you have to mess up

It’s better if you take it slower, and then when you get better at them, that’s when you an increase your speed.

… You guys NEED TO LOOK AT THE DATES. This thread is from November 2010! Don’t bring back old threads.

still cant figure it out

can you do this with a responsive yoyo

Yah know what? Since this thread is back from the dead, we might as well help these peeps out before we kill this thread.

@yoyo cmn:
Yes you can do this with a responsive yoyo. Just make sure when the yoyo hits the top, don’t tug it. If you do, it’ll obviously roll up back at ya’.

Keep on practicing, you’ll figure it out. Close you hands. Make sure you close your hands. The most common problem might be that when you hop, the yoyo flings out of the trapeze and “auto-dismounts”. Practice, close your hands. Also, search up eli hops on this board, you’ll find 100s of old threads there, they may contain useful information. But don’t post in the old ones.

Its real hard with responsive throws. Well it is for me. So like if the yoyo keeps coming back to your hand when you try to do it you’re better off trying it with unresponsive yoyo’s. Basicly just get into a trapeze bring the trapeze near head length from the floor, and kind of pop it up or toss it in the air while you move your hands together. Not all the way but move your hands inward which will make the eli hop go higher. And land. It might take awhile to land perfectly, but practice makes perfect :wink:

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If your aim is good you can bust Eli Hops on an Imperial.

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my friend told me this but i find it easier to do the eli hops when your index finger slides when yoyo goes up and down and once i get one eli hop okay the others just follow



Well, I’d like to join in on this necro-posting party, so…

As for the trick, make sure when the yoyo is at the top, you open your hands to pull the yoyo down instead of letting it fall down. Hope that helps, unless you got it by now.