Eli hops

Any advice on successfully doing Eli Hops?

Just practice, they take a while, but once you get them down, they’re pretty easy.

Start by pulling your throw hand to get the hop, instead of trying to toss the yoyo up. If you just pull with your throw hand and then pull your hands close together at the right time, you’ll get a smooth Eli hop, but it just takes that practice and a feel for it.

Yup one day it will hit you. Literally the yoyo might hit you.

But its really just practice

Been there, done that, way too many times trying to learn Eli Hops. It’s just one of those tricks that you have no idea how to do it and then it comes to you and you can do it every time. It’s like Magic Drop or Brent Stole.

I agree with Zorro. Like a lot of tricks, it’s sort of a foreign set of movements you have to learn to tell your arms to perform. Practice and you’ll eventually find the right mix that lands the trick. Don’t get married to one exact way of doing it before you’re hitting in consistently. Experiment just a bit and you may accidentally discover something you’ve done wrong or could do better. Most of all, don’t get too frustrated. Take a break, try again with a clear head. Hit some difficult tricks you can hit, have some success.

Mike Montgomery has a good video on Eli Hops here:

He mentions the need to keep the string taut.  If you let it go loose then it’s much harder to land.  I just started working on Eli Hops as well and in the little amount of practicing I’ve done I’ve already found that a tight string makes a lot of difference.

Which part are you having trouble with?