Eli hops


I’m having real trouble with this tricks , i literally can’t shoot the yoyo up in the air , each time i did it the yoyo shoot back at my hand , sometime my head and recently it hits my glasses ( luckily my glasses is made of hard meterials ). Can anyone help me out ???


Sounds like you’re either not giving the yoyo enough string to shoot away or you’re giving it too much slack and it’s binding in mid-air. Eli hops is one of those tricks that’s pretty simple but takes a bit of practice to get the timing and power just right.

Try practicing the motion with the yoyo not spinning to get the feel for it. Should save you a few bruised knuckles.

Good luck!



yeah , now i remember when i do the Eli hops i put the yoyo right from trapeze to Eli hops instead of letting the yoyo roll to the middle like in the videos , i don’t know if that what cause the problems


Definitely helps to let it slide down the string a bit. Gives you a little bit more slack when you hop.



Yessss, i nailed it hehehee, not so hard when you figured it out 8) , i still missed but 4 out of 10 , i would call that a minor success :stuck_out_tongue:


Well done! Just keep at it =)