Help with Eli Hops

Does anyone have any tips for doing Eli Hops?

Try keeping your throw hand straight and do not move it when popping up and down with the off-hand. That’s all I do when I do my eli hops.

Thanks. It really helped! Do you have any advice on how to keep it away from hand when it comes back down?

What do you mean keep it away from hand? You mean you are hitting your non throwing hand?

When you are pop the yoyo in the air with your non-throw hand, you should move your non-throw hand close to your throw hand. Then before the yoyo lands, you move your non-throw hand away and it should land on the string without hitting your non-throw hand. It’s a really fast motion, it takes practice to get it right.

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Thank you so much! This really helps.

Really high pops help with it not hitting your hand

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i cant get my yo yo to stay parallel with my string every time it comes down it misses i cant find anything that helps can anyone help me ???

Me too!! ???

Try going small hops to train yourself on catches. Then get bigger

Eli Hops are one of those cool visual Tricks that always amazes people, along with the Forward style Boomerang. I am working on Bucket Hops and Black Hops now, I still haven’t tried Alternating Eli Hops.

Eli Hops was one of those Tricks that came more naturally to me. The Boomerang took a lot more practice, you’re going to have to get in there and do your own practicing too and it will get less complicated. I’d say learn it out doors with plenty of LIGHTING so that you can more easily eye ball the string, the same with Suidicides, Iron Whips, Jade Whips, Plastic Whips, etc. etc. Try to center the String with the Gap of the Yo-Yo when it Launches into Orbit and Lands back on the String. Bringing your hands closer together the better you get, remember that the Trick Ladder version only requires that your hands come half way together or something like that.

Considering the Trick wasn’t all that difficult for me to learn, and the thread is a month old…I’d say he might have already picked up an affinity with the Trick. You can get a pretty good rythymn going with this trick after meager practice.

As for keeping it landing on the string- I slightly point my throw finger at middle of the yoyo (on plane), I feel it helps with accuracy, and keeping every thing tight is a must, and pay attention to what side you’re missing on so you know what adjustments to make.