I dont get Eli hops?


I get the concept, but when o throw the yoyo up off the trapeze, it just dismounts from it. Its kinda hard to explain… But it like goes in a circle around my NTH and just hangs at the bottom. Any tips for my problem or just the general trick? Thanks.


Right when you pop the yoyo off you need to bring your hands together. If you just pop it off and keep your hands still the yoyo will do what your explaining. the movement is mainly your non throw hand moving towards your throw hand. Work on the motion and work on short Eli hops before trying to touch your hands together. Once you get it you will wonder why it was so hard. I remember when I first tried them I couldn’t figure out how it worked even though its a easy looking trick. Just takes practice.


When you first start doing them, it’s easier if you shorten the string by wrapping it around your throwhand once or twice. Other than that, just follow jwil425’s tips.



Jake from G-Squared did an excellent tutorial breaking down Eli Hops. Check out the link below.

Eli Hops Tutorial


Eli Hop is just a thing you need to practice to get it. When you do it, hop the yo-yo, but you need to bring your hands together but make sure the string is tight. If there is any slack in the string, it makes Eli Hop’s really hard.


Thanks, my problem is fixed now I just need to practice. How long did it take all of you to get this trick perfect?


Whats perfect? I learned this trick when i was about 2 months into yoyoing… Im at 6 months now and i can do around 10 full(touch hands) eli hops on average and about 15-20 half hops on average…i never practiced this trick intensely though, its just fun to do when your messing around :slight_smile:


The reason your yoyo goes AROUND your NTH is because it obtains rotational speed since your NTH index finger is “fixed” while if you want the yoyo to go up, you have to move that fixed “axle” aka your NTH index finger as soon as the yoyo is in the air (as fast as possible). Remember you ARE NOT pressing against the bottom string in anyway or another you are just moving your NTH towards your TH to eliminate that fixed finger which causes the rotation and thus the yoyo will pop almost straight up.

now for it to come back down, all you have to do is push with your NTH index against the string that is vertical now, and the yoyo will come back down.

-you are barely ever in any interaction with the bottom string while doing hops.


Glad you where able to figure it out. Its not that its a hard trick it just takes some practice to get it down smooth and effortless. It didn’t take me very long to get it down pretty much a few days once I hit my first one. It was one of the first tricks I learned and felt great once I learned it. Keep up the good work. You can always learn more that’s why yoyos are so awesome :slight_smile:


Bring your hands together when you pop it up. Then take them apart after about a second.


when you pop the yoyo, bring your hands together and keep straigth the finger


I can do it straight upwards with a breeze~ Like its nothing at all. And I can do it a little bit at an angle outwards. But for some reason I cant do it fully outwards. Like, enough so I can hit someone’s face with it. That kind of angle :smiley: