Trouble Eli hops

Hi I know Im new here but I am starting to learn adv yoyo tricks. For whatever reason I am having a lot of trouble with Eli hops. So if you have any tips or suggestions just leave a comment, Thankyou.

Pop the yoyo upwards but remember to close your hands toghether. Relax your hands but don’t let the string slack/go loose. A use only your hands momentum bounce the yoyo up like a trampoline.

On trapeze, pull hands apart, so the trapeze will fling the yoyo up. Close your hands now to let the yoyo get it’s highest flight. But actually, I do not recommend closing your hands too much. For a beginner, it is harder to control. Now, when the yoyo has bounced over-head level (that’s what I recommend), move your hands apart. Do not pull forcefully or the yoyo will come smack on your hand. Adjust your “trampoline” so the yoyo can land on it. Done. Bow.

Im sure he knows the concept of the trick ^^^

try landing it closer to your pointer finger at first. it will help you get the motion down. also keep the string straight and level as much as possible

Thanks this helps Im starting to land the yoyo more

I just posted in another thread that this one kicked my butt for a couple of weeks before I got it then it was like second nature and so so easy. Hopefully you’ll get it soon. I just kept trying to pop it straight up in the air. Then once I got it up instead of going sideways or back around then I started trying to get it higher by bring my hands closer together and working on feeling of the string. I noticed if I stopped worrying about the yoyo and worried about my string tension that helped a lot. Then once I did that I started trying to land it, then I tried doing it three in a row and now I got it pretty good.