when i do eli hops, i cant land it on the trapeze!?!


Ahhhh… Its annoying, when I pop the yoyo up to do the hop, I never land it on the trapeze and I have to try again and never get it! I’ve only goten it once and I barely threw up the yoyo. Do you have any tips that would help me? I know I have to bring my hands together (like boomerang) but I always miss the trapeze! Thanks!


well I only got 4 tips for you:

  1. Make sure your throw hand DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL.

  2. Start with small hops and then gradually increase the size.

  3. Once you pop the yoyo up, on it’s way back down smoothly press against the vertical string with your NTH.

  4. Keep practicing :slight_smile:


So when you do your hop bring your hands together, at the top of the hop bring your hands back apart which will make the yoyo land on the string. Just practice and you will get ii.


Try landing the yoyo close to your NTH.


Don’t think about landing it, think about the motions you have to do. Ignore the yoyo. I can Eli Hop with my eyes closed just as well as when their open.


I always move my throw hand…but I agree with everything else, especially 4.


Ditto. Always move my throw hand. Is it possible the opposite was meant (although I move BOTH a little bit)? Moving the TH instead of the NTH is what gives it extra uncanniness during the “straight up, straight down” look.


That’s what makes us all unique :stuck_out_tongue: I move my NTH, and that was a test to see if you’re paying attention :stuck_out_tongue:


suuuurrreeee… :wink:


I find it easyer to have the yoyo closer to the NTH. i think i do it more like hiroyuki suzuki. Watch him do it may help :slight_smile:


When you’re learning, pop the yoyo up to the right, then pull it hard down to your non throw hand. The pulling down will straighten the yoyo and force it onto the string.