Tricks by audience age?

I often find myself showing basic tricks to relatives, friends, and occasional strangers. I find that sometimes I don’t know which tricks would be a good choice for the age group of my audience.

I’ll usually start with Mach 5 for 3rd grade and up, but with tricks more like Rock the Cradle and Walk the Dog for younger kids. If I have a responsive yoyo on me, I’ll do Over the Shoulder for both groups.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


Typical advice stuff.

Eli Hops always scores big on the applause-o-meter. Gyro flops just looks cool. Boomerang ain’t bad. Rewind with pauses scores big.

Big moves, not terribly complicated and looks easy = score!

Always throw in a couple of really complicated tricks for yourself to serve as a method of moving from crowd pleasers. Nothing long, but it’s mostly for yourself.

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Boing-e-boing, one of the best crowd pleasers. Also, pause in ripcord, then complete it. It’s cool because everyone thinks you’ll get a big knot. Whips are cool because they go from nothing to something. The hopping tricks like Black hops look pretty cool too. Also do seasick. Grinds are pretty good too.

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I find people are most impressed with exaggerated body tricks and side style.

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Montgomery Twist. The single greatest crowd pleasing trick ever.