Trick you found the hardest to learn when you started.

Boingy Boing. In fact. I am still learning it. Any tips? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still can’t do Boingy Boing, or Boing E Boing, or Boing Boing, or whatever. :stuck_out_tongue: I had mass amounts of frustration when trying to learn Split Bottom Mount. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ninja Vanish, the concept of the slack folding over and landing into itself just boggled my mind.
Kwijibo was tough due to the fluidity that is require for the proper effect.
As for Boing-E-Boing, I don’t have any tips, mine is too sketchy for me to give advice, though I noticed that if you exaggerate the bouncing motion the trick seems to be a lot easier and looks a lot smoother.

Boingy boing for me to I still can not do it :’(

Kweigbo it took me a month to learn

I don’t know Gravity Pull was so hard. I mean I could not get it…

atom bomb…since i was only usin a fireball…


then I used custom string…viola

It took me a week to learn split bottom mount, And I still can’t do boing E boing. ;D

Boing E Boing that trick took me forever to learn then it clicked one day.

It’s a tie between UFO and McBride’s Roller Coaster. I just began to do UFO correctly a few weeks ago :P.

Oh, as for tips for boingy-boing(which I didn’t learn until I was almost half a year into yo-yoing BTW):

I don’t know what you’re having trouble with, so I hope the above topics help.

well I gave up on UFO and Sidewinder cause i guess you need a responsive yoyo for that, I’m Ironing out Kwijibo, BoingE-Boing is the hardest, I think I’m gonna devote a whole day to learning it… just not today, Ironing out Kwijibo lol. Rewind Is kinda weerd for me cause i find the video confuseing but I’ll go back to it… after I get kwijibo solid, and I’m gonna have to get back to McBride’s coaster, haven’t even bothered with that one yet :-\


still workin on kwijibo. now for boing e boing. this is my advice: move your whole arm and wrist together up and down. i first started just moving my wrist or fingers. keep them all together and use your entire forearm/shoulder to move up and down. i got it down in a day when i found that out. good luck!

Breakaway,split the atom,kwijibo.

But I got them NOW!!

^ havent tried that one yet, i read some posts about extending all your fingers, heres the other thing i have a problem with doing it I move both my non throwhand and my throw hand up and down at the same time, when i try to keep my NTH still the the whole loop goes down and the yoyo doesnt move forward and back, how do i hold the bottom?

My hardest leg wrap trap i bruised my feet so much and it hurt. then i perfected it with a plastic, soooooooo much better and a lot less painful.

Tips: For boing e boing try to keep your hands strait and pace yourself, pick a slow song you like and try to bounce to the beat. Also start with one bounce, then two, then so on and so forth… Goodluck Guys hope this helps.

And also, for Boing-e-boing, the motion does not actually come from the loop itself, so the yoyo does move back and forth even without the loop around it, so you can actually practise it with a dead yoyo first before actually doing it.

Double or nothing. It took me forever to land that.

THe evil evil trapeze ;D