Trick OCD

The other day my son and I were getting ready to leave the apartment. I was trying to land Around Europe on kendama. He stood there watching me for a minute before he said, “We aren’t leaving until you land it, are we?”. He was right. He knows me too well.


That’s awesome. :slight_smile:

I’m exactly the same way when it comes to bedtime… there’s no such thing as bedtime until I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made on a trick.

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Something like this happens to me a lot before i leave… I’ll be about to walk out the door but I’ll pick up a throw and start throwing for no reason… Till it feels right to put down. Usually happens when I’m in more of a rush…

The last thing I do everynight before I go to bed is turn the TV off then grab my “throw of the day” and do a quick combo… Then I put the yoyo away hit the light and call it a day… More often than not though I end up with an axle knot… HEHE I never get axle knots… Only then… Very weird!!!

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I was like this when I was starting. Same with Mr. GregP, I will not go to bed until I land a trick (and also do it smoothly). Of course sometimes I can’t follow that rule because some tricks can’t be learned by one day.

When I’m out in a park or in my friends house, I won’t go home until I land the trick I’m practicing.
I remember I learned the inverse triangle laceration that way. :slight_smile:

I have this thing where I can’t go anywhere until I’ve landed something perfectly a certain number of times in a row, such as 5 Brent Stoles, or a run of two clean original combos. Then of course I’ll forget my self-promise and just end up yoyoing for another hour.

This is me with homework. I say, “I’ll start at 4:30.” Then when 4:30 comes I say “5 more minutes.”
“5 more minutes.”
“5 more minutes.”
I don’t start my homework till 5:30 at the least.

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Actually I use my love for throwing as a way to prioritize my time. Por ejemplo, finish all AP History notes for the week, reward: an extra hour of throwing. Usually I just rush through all the homework I have for the week and just throw all day, it’s worth it.

I’d kick a puppy for a solid hour of throwing. I get my fix in fifteen or twenty minute chunks. Some days, none at all. I did get a good half hour of kendama in today. I think I need to separate myself from technology a bit to focus more on physically engaging activities. I’d love to feel what’s it’s like to space out for an hour or more on a yoyo. Challenge accepted.

Absolutely terrible and yet I couldn’t help but to giggle. Good times.

Sounds like most of the yoyo meets I’ve attended. Nobody leaves until they’ve landed that one trick they’ve been working on all day.