Just once more!

Anyone else suffer from “I-gotta-land-it-one-more-time-before-bed disease”??

I get stuck in this pattern a lot. My best and longest practice time is before bed and I always stay up too late trying to land whatever trick I’m working on! Then I’ll land it and say “that bind sucked and I didn’t catch just right… I gotta land it again…”

Next thing I know another hour has passed, I’ve got a new variation of the trick, and I’m trying to land THAT! Twice!

Just me? Maybe I’m addicted.


Not really, I did what i can.

And sometimes, I got new energy and new inspiration for another trick when I wake up.


Most times lol

I wish I could get motivated in the morning sometimes. I have to take time to ease into the day before I’m any good at anything more complex than walking…

Yes ^. I was just doing this yesterday, although I was doing it before I left for work. Let’s just say I was almost late :wink: lol

Yup. Almost every night. My dad doesn’t like it too much though, considering he keeps yelling at me to get to bed. ;D

Yup, do it all of the times.

This is perfect

My parents don’t yell at me, they come up and make me get in the bed, but then again I have a younger brother so I couldn’t yoyo anyways.

just gotta land it once more/ just gotta finish this level/ just gotta kill this boss/ just gotta finish this chapter/ Just gotta put off going to bed because if i dont go to bed i wont have to get up for school/work/life.

hehe…i know this feelin’ oh too well. i use to wake up in the middle of the night, and yo yo. it was on my mind that much - felt it the next day at work. but love those 2am sessions!



You did eat bread and drink gatorade right?


Partly Sunny