when you can't sleep do you reach for your yo yo?


For the past 3 or 4 days now i notice that when i can’t sleep i just for you my yo yo and try to practice on tricks from the intermediate and some of the advance 1 trick. Maybe, just maybe i might be addicted to my yo yo, but i don’t think its a problem right? well anyway just wanted to see other people opinion if i am addicted to yo yos or not lol

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Well if you reach for your yoyo when you can’t sleep that probably means your addicted. But theres nothing wrong with that. Personnally i have problems getting to sleep and find yoyoing a great way to relax.


I agree with m2 here. I am the same way.

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I yoyo when i can’t sleep.


i think you just dont hav anything to do!!! if you’d like to check if you are addicted, try not to yoyo for 2 or 3 days. if you’d make it without any problem, youre not addicted, if some problems would appear, try not to yoyo for some longer time. for example for a week. I was addicted. and i thought ill make like this to see, if its true. now, i can stop every time i want.

Hope it hepls ; - P

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i’d never be able to do that. For even a day…


Almost any yoyoer does that including me.


Most of the time when you can’t sleep is because you have a trick that you either really want to land or smooth out.


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Not really when I’m sleeping, but sometimes in school I’ll be itching to try a new trick. I’ll “go fill my water bottle” or something and yoyo behind the stairs!


I’m worse than you are O_o

My brother hears yo-yo noises in the middle of the night.
Actually, I landed by first tongue suicide 3 am in the morning.


there is nothing wrong with being addicted… your only gonna get better


that is alway the case and when i land it the couple of i fall asleep then when i wake up i can’t do it again lol

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Nope, I just just sleep :slight_smile:


what about when you cant sleep


some nights i dont even sleep ill just yoyo for hours on end


NICE!!! last night i fell a sleep, but i don’t know when, i slept with my yo yo in my hand and my roommate said how cute that i slept with my favorite toy.i told her don’t tell no one!!! lol


And now, you said it to all yoying community of YoYoExpert ; - P

Like it ; - P

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That doesn’t happen.

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