Who's addicted to yo-yoing

Ok i just wanna know if anyones with me on this. But i am addicted to yo-yoing, and not like oh i love to yo-yo, but like i literally start to shake if i cant yo-yo, and if i dont have a yoyo with me i sweat, get clammy and cant sit still. When ever i take tests i have to yoyo during the test. Is anyone like this…

I hear ya I can not leave the house without my Yoyo otherwise I am in a bad mood the whole entire day because I have to have it in my pocket so that I know it’s there and I can take it out and Yoyo at any time.

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Uh… It’s not that bad, but if I leave somewhere without my yo-yo I feel like there’s a hole in my chest. Kind of. Like somethings missing. I don’t know, you who’ve felt the same way know what I mean.
EDIT: it’s probably equivalent to that feeling you get when you think you’ve forgotten somehthing.

Psh me addicted to yoyoing? Nooooo…


Oh, its in my hand…

Ok, maybe a little addicted…

That’s totally me… Im throwing whenever I can, that’s pretty much whenever I’m at home unless I’m doing something like homework or chores. And, I take a yoyo with me at all times everywhere I go when I leave home except for school, which I am actually considering to start doing, cuz my mom takes me home and sometimes she is late and I have nothing to do and when I have nothing to do, I just need to throw… So, basically, I’m yoyoing whenever I have free time, and that’s a few hours on weekends, and an hour or two on schooldays… Except this week and two… stupid exams :frowning:

AP exams killed me i had 2

I hate to say it, but you are one who has let the yoyo spirit take over your own spirit, and that can be a truly dangerous thing.
I suggest some time away, for your own sake.


Im pretty sure he was exaggerating when he said he shakes, sweats, and cant take tests :stuck_out_tongue: if not then you’re right, but I doubt it. :wink:

Addiction and obsession can be a very powerful thing. While I hope the OP doesn’t experience shakes and sweats, it’s not entirely beyond the realm of reality.


The sweating thing was an exaggeration, but the shakes and cant take test thing arent. I cant just focus on one thing at a time or else i get sloppy, and jittery, the yoyo helps me keep my physical body at ease and allows my mind to focus 100% on the problem at hand. I dont even look when i yoyo (not tricks just binds) anymore, cuz my body does it for me, and makes my mind free to do what it needs to do.

Sometimes i take like a week or two from yoying,(mostly at periods where i run out of string.) just for heck of it and cause if i really love yoyoing i wouldnt be afraid of loseing it.

This confuses me…

If you truly love something, you can let it go.

People say that but, its really not true because when the mind makes an extremely powerful connection with something and that something is taken away it can lead to depression, anxiety, and even in extreme cases neural shock that can damage the brain.

Plus im talking about a physical need to yoyo.

In all honesty, I don’t think we should have extremely powerful connections to yoyos…

Honestly, I think we should have connections with things that will always be there. Yoyos, will not always be there.

I mean I love yoyos, they’re a great toy, I use them all the time, but I’m not really attached to them. If I had to, I would let go of them. But, that’s not going to happen right now.

Everything’s an illusion, we just cant tell what connections are real and which are fake, which makes choosing what you can and cant make connections to near impossible. But you are correct.

I am psychologically addicted to yoyoing; no doubt about it.

I feel that many people don’t understand the meaning of addiction and have either not experienced it before or have an exceptional ability to deny their own understanding of it.

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with addictions of all sorts and I absolutely count yoyoing among mine. I not only use it as a crutch in my times of need, but feel a profound need to have a yoyo with me at all times. Without one, I get anxious and feel misplaced. I don’t suffer from any physical symptoms (yoyoing can’t be a physical or biological addiction), but the psychology of addiction is certainly there.

As far as addictions go, yoyoing is about as healthy an addiction as you can have.

I urge anyone who’s questioning their feelings about their own yoyoing to do a little research on addiction (wikipedia will suffice). It isn’t what society commonly perceives it to be.

Idk really, without my yoyo I am not nervous or shaky.

I am just so, so bored.

I constantly have nothing to do. My life is a bore. I don’t do sports. I don’t hang out with my friends constantly. I just kinda live. So I decided to find something to do other than my instruments (my music isn’t exactly time killing, it is fun for a good 20 minutes, but then I get bored and find something else to do). I found a few things, including magic, video games, and pen spinning. Yoyoing just stuck, I think because of how unusual and advanced it is.

So no real connection. It’s fun, what can I say. I like to have it with me, I have my Capless in my backpack for before/after school, and my Theory is in my pocket a lot since it is slim and fun, and my Summit stays at home, as it is expensive, especially in a 7th grader’s eyes. I don’t really want to be carrying around that much money in any form :wink: