Are you ever in the "addicted stage" of yoyoing?

I don’t know if “stage” is the right word but im gonna use it anyway. Are you ever in that stage where you are just addicted to yoyoing? Like right now I am just making up so many tricks and watching so many videos. I notice that sometimes I get outta it. But, when im in it…all I think is yoyo.

We all have those moments, there fun.

Ooohh yeeeaah, I’ve spent WAY too much on yoyos this month.

I’m not addicted. I just need to get one more yoyo.


so if you get one more yoyo than you get addicted?

I can stop throwing whenever I want.




Eh; Sort of but not at the moment I yoyo for fun and I realize I’m not that good but I can live with it.

Now you guys probably know what I’m addicted to (See avatar.). ::slight_smile:

god grant me the serenity to ahhhh screw it I’m never gonna kick the habbit

Yo-Yo Addict no signs of recovery

I think the word “addiction” implies a lack of control over a bad habit.

And yoyoing is in no way a bad habit.

So we just really really like it :slight_smile:

I’ll just do it later…

One Yoyo is too many and One Yoyo is never enough. :smiley:

You gotta help me man, I’m jonesin’ for a throw…

“Dude, I got what you want right here… a PURE… mess you up!”

It was play on words. He said he wasn’t addicted, but then he said people that are addicted to stuff say. “I just want one more” Good one Studio! :smiley:

heh heh

Addicted to buying yo yo’s…

I <3 yoyos

Me too, just spent another 130$ on a special edition sasquatch…

▲ddict is good guys. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seems like I’ve been slowing down. At least I’m not so tempted to buy yoyos anymore. Still is tempted by the Auldey Luminous though. Dang.