Is yoyoing an addiction?

Is yoyoing an addiction? Because once you start yoyoing, you just can’t stop.

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I think in some extreme cases, sure, probably. Maybe. But for 99% of even the most enthusiastic and passionate throwers, their “habit” would not be diagnosed as a clinical addiction, no.

(And if you don’t mean addiction in its proper medical sense, then what’s the point of asking other than to simply start a topic with nothing more to say than, “Hey man, yoyoing is sooo kewl, amiright?”)


Ummm, NO. It’s a hobby. Do some people become obsessed with yoyoing? Yes, just as some become obsessed with video games or any other activity, but an addiction, no.


I get obsessed with learning a new trick and practice for hours each day until I am successful. That’s not addiction but I think you meant obsessed but even that is too strong a word. I think most everyone here is just very enthusiastic about the endless possibilities of yoyoing but no one is actually destroying their body and life and the lives of those around them by being addicted to yoyoing. I understand what you mean. Z’all good!