the i cant sleep, sup guys and gals forum!

Hey, so, yeah I can’t sleep, so I opened my drawers full of yoyos and picked up my dinged and well loved 3rd owner dash and started doing some whips and hooks and goofing with wrist mounts, when it came to me, what do other players do when they can’t sleep?

i grab a firball and lay there and loop (or raider), or grab another yoyo that’s well loved, and mod, play, trick develop, or just fester poor thoughts.

what are you guys up to? Its 1:13 am! So lets here it midnight throwers! What are you doing?

Replying to other posts, catching upon stuff.

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What was that yoyo you said? Dash?

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Hey I thought I was the only one haha. I currently dont have a throw so ive just been reading different things on this forum and others, not much else haha. Bad part about it is I have school in just over 6 hours

Copying files off my wife’s iPhone. Too many lame photos and lamer videos.

I’m up late most nights. My day often starts at 6AM, but I’m rarely able to get to my work stuff until 11PM, and I’ll work on that until about 2Am, because I gotta crash by then.

It’s not safe for me to throw at these hours.

I’m like a sloth, perpetually sleepy. I fall asleep on the train to work, I fall asleep on the train home, I even fall asleep at my desk sometimes.

That being said I did wake up at 3:00am this morning after falling asleep on my sofa, at which point I got something to eat (oh Uncle Ben, where would I be without you…?), did some throwing, browsed YYE a bit and then got into my proper bed.

But yeh, I’m always tired and likely to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I live to sleep…Zzzzzzz

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I don’t usually yoyo late at night. However, I might watch some yoyo videos or go to the forums. Also, I might just read a book since that always is fun and relaxing

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yomega 2011 c bearing dash, red in color.
played for yomega for almost a year and a half.

very smooth, and the standardized parts and updates made huge improvements to it.

I pray that I could fall asleep because I am not allowed to yoyo in the middle of the night.

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I pray you get some rest my ninja.

When I cant sleep I reply to posts and stuff I usualy dont throw cause the wiring of the bearing might wake people up

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I usually use a really quiet yoyo since my TPS speedcubing is too fast to be quiet.

Same, but once I’m asleep I usually do not wake up.

And us kids, throwing in a room where your brother is asleep???

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Mee too

At night I yoyo until 11:30 sometimes. Then my mom tells me to stop lol

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When I cant sleep I try to win the splash game (sometimes)

If you want to help that would be great just post your vote here choose whichever side you like best,69932.0.html
and dont forget to place your votes in the comments aswell

That is the same one I own

I made a thread like this once, didn’t fly too well haha. Well, I won’t be chatting late night due to finals, but I’ll be visiting Friday ;).

Being in college, I stay up as late as I want since I live at home. Usually I’m up until at least 1 or 2 and I am usually throwing for most of my time past 11.

If I’m purposefully in bed to sleep but can’t, I just browse the forum and watch videos.

the 4 best ways I know to help without lowering sleep time are graphite powder (found by the keys, WalMart, AutoZone, or just about any other store) you’ll take 1-2 little granules’ and roll them in the bearing, this will fill in the cracks in the balls, much smoother, and for about 3 bucks it’ll last you a long time. Practice will prove it.

olive oil or Canola Oil, take a toothpick and wet the ends, were not looking for a full drop here, were looking to fill in any aberrations in the ball retainer. It works best with bearings with shields, too much and the bearing will slow, or become responsive and even goopy. Simply run the wet toothpick on the INNER race and tour ready to roll.

yomega Lube pens last FOREVER and are pretty cheap, the lube is safe oh all plastics thus far as well, I use the canola oil method with this as well.

MonkeyFinger design sells “Gorilicus Lubricus” being is synthetic, it works as the yomega lubricant does, it positions the steel, fills in the bearing imperfections, and is very nice, I find its a bit more smelly, and expensive than yomega lubepen. But it’s smoother and easier to get right if its your first try.

try them and let me know how they work for you! Highly recommend the graphite, its the most difucyt