the i cant sleep, sup guys and gals forum!

the newest updates are the 10ball bearing and the longer axel. I’d jump in the longer axel. The improvement from that alone is the next thing and you get a few for next to 0 money. You’ll have an upgrade and a replacement if you bend or break it somehow. :slight_smile:

I usualy clean my bearings in acetone and then add YYF thin lube I am thinking of picking up some of that monky finger lube Cause I know someone else who uses that and it seems to work a bit better for quiting bearings then the YYF lube

I usually eat lol. I have only been yo-yoing since october so only since then can i say I check the forums and throw a little bit. before that, ill hit up some call of duty, read a book, watch tv for sure.
Last night I was so tired (I am not sure what I posted in the how high can we go thread lol) i was trying to throw but just kept knocking my knuckles and getting extremely angry. I had to stop and ended up watching the rest of the walking dead season 4 episode 4 which I’m on.

Even better is chap-stick, put the tiniest bit on the end of a tooth pick and touch one of the ball bearings. Quietest lube EVER!

your already studying for finals. What a boss

I did mine a week ago! I’m so lucky!