Last trick of the day?

So for most of us I’m sure we try and throw as much as we can through out the day. So what is your last trick/combo that you do before putting your yoyo down for the day?

Mine would have to be Wimbledon with a transition to 1.5 mount then branding to a jade whip then bind. Just a simple combo.

Remove string tension and then a nice tight bind, then put the yoyo back in the case so it can have a nice rest.

Front throw.
Afraid it’s not tight enough.


Do some random combo of randomness
Get a knot in the yoyo
Leave the yoyo on the ground and go to bed
Wake up and step on it
Jump around in pain

This happens to me all the time

Man, you’re breaking one of the ten commandments of yo-yoing:

“Thou shalt never leave thy yo-yo knotted lest thy yo-yo recoil on thee and bruise thy knuckles or thy brow.”

I cringed while reading.

What are the other 9 commandments?

I dont really have a last trick of the day… But I guess I tend to do my favorite tricks last. Either skin the gerbil or a braintwister variation… Or a front throw…