Ever end a yoyo session with a certain trick?

Do you guys end a yoyo session /yoyo time with a certain trick constantly?
I always end with one of my favorite thricks and I constantly do it.I catch myself doing it and now I’m wondering does anyone do the same thing?

If I remember, I’ll try to remove the string tension, then end with a really tight bind before putting the yoyo away.

Otherwise, no pattern. Whatever I do last is whatever I do last and that’s about all I can say about that.

Unbelievable :wink:

I tend to try and pull off the newest trick I have learned smoothly ending with a nice bind. Sometimes will do it a few times before saying “I’m done”. Sort of peculiar now that I’ve typed this and read it back lol

I usually end it with something vague in hopes to draw in my audience(my dog and cat)


I don’t really end sessions a certain way, but I’ll always play a little before I go to bed to unwind, and end my DAY doing The Matrix with my eyes shut, for me it borders on meditation, then I’ll finish with a long grind to leave the string unwound and off to bed.

I end doing my current “combo” which isnt really a combo but makes me feel good that my throw can spin that long. I do rewind to skin the gerbil to bro slack to the latter part of cold fusion to buddhas revenge to another bro slack, throw the yoyo up on to the string, and do a one handed bind throw up thing. And then in bed ill watch a yoyo video and think “omg i wanna try that!” But of course I never actually can do the thing that i wanted to try because I’m not advanced enough. Im really looking forward to when i can watch random advanced yoyo tutorials and actually understand what they are doing. Until then, yoyoexpert tutorial time!

Yeah that sounds like me and always starting my combos with the same trick which would be the trick Colman wiemer created, riot control.

I watched the tutorial of that and it looks good! I can do it all up to the weird backwards gt thing. I think that i might add that begining 1.5 monut cool thing when you hit the top go onto the bottom then go all the way around to a kamikaze mount then right back into a 1.5.

I never stop yo-yoing… ._.

I try to end dropped sidestyle combos with a gunslinger, because its rather entertaining.

Usually I finish off with some sort of difficult trick bind, then do a tight frontstyle bind before setting it back on the shelf.

A bind.

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You are so awesome.

Attempt the first combo in John chows classical mechanics video and fail XD

we all bind (unless you are a beginer),but what kind of bind?
There are several :wink:

I always end my yoyo sessions with a bearing knot.

Now my end-of-session jam is kickflip suicide, kickflip suicide to 1.5 stall, dismount, catch.
Feels so gratifying.

1A or fixed axle? Thats impressive either way!

I usually end with a bind

Imperial :wink: