Here is my basic bio right now:

Trapeze: Mastered
DON: Mastered
Matrix: Mastered
Jump Rope: Learning
McBribe: 50%
Buddha’s Revenge: 75%

But here is where I need the most help

When doing tricks like McBribe’s Rollercoaster and Buddha’s Revenge, I am unable to do the move more than once in a row. The yoyo just dies out on the string. My Yoyo I use is the Dark Magic II .
If anyone has any tips on how to keep my Yoyo lasting longer on the string during string tricks please feel free to put in your advice.

The best thing you can do is just throw it hard and straight. When the yoyo starts to tip, the sides grind against the string, slowing it down, and causing it to grind more. This cycle will just repeat until the yoyo stops. A hard, straight throw should fix it. Just practice your throws.

Thank you, I am starting to analyze my breakaway and I found out that a majority of the time, the yoyo is slanted towards my body. Is there anything I should fix about my form?