Trick/Combo w/ Every Throw

Let’s gooo

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Your trick videos inspired me to learn the whip. You entered so many combos with this whip.

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Something something wrist mount combo. Using a Turning Point St. Elmo. It’s just an all around good yoyo, but kind of embodies the fact that Japanese yoyos don’t have any ethereal special qualities. They’re just a lot of good, solid designs. If you think the Shutter or comp yoyos in general are boring, you’re going to think the St. Elmo is even more boring. The weight feels fairly balanced, leaning slightly towards being dense and rimweighty. The massive 15mm axle and hub offsets the super thick rims a bit. If you just want a good yoyo that’s good enough for Takeshi Matsuura for a relatively budget price, yeah this is the good stuff.


Dope! Random fun fact it was his promo video for the YYJ Destiny is what got me to buy his and some Duncan CWs to try 5a back in the day when it came out. That kid (guess he’s not a kid anymore lol) is just so smooth and swaggy with it. I love his range too he can do slower techy stuff and also do some super fast e-combos and what not. He’s a 7 time world champ for a reason lol


Such a cool element

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Does getting new caps for a Freehand count as a new yoyo in your collection? lol

Trying out a new setup using a cleaned flat bearing and friction stickers. This thing absolutely wants to snag if you don’t manage the string in the gap well, but since the Danny FHs just dropped and people say he would’ve played a FH stock out of the package, I had to roll with friction stickers.

I struggled real hard to decide which caps to put in this, I love the look of the neon green body with white caps, but I think the orange of the cap I chose had a nice visual pop. The hyper freehand style cap I’m saving for a yellow freehand body. For some reason in my head, hyper freehands are synonymous with yellow bodies.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Managed to sneak away from the crowd for a minute and get a video in. Yoyo used is the new Duncan Butterfly. I could go into depth about it but at the moment I don’t have a lot of time so basically it’s a much more solid, quality feeling butterfly. The moulds on these are awesome. I have been on a fixie kick for the last week or so, haven’t even really picked up another throw that’s how fun these are. Also the fact that I hit this little combo/kickflip first try, first video after all the wine tonight is amazing in itself. Maybe that’s the secret…just kidding lol.


Think I found my “yoyo calling” so to speak with 0a guys lol. I still play and like all styles but I feel like this one is more me and my jam ya know?


Sup guys, been a minute! With the holidays and family and work and all that I’m sure you’ve all been busy as well. Got a couple little GTs I’m trying to smooth out today, and the oh so lovely slippy bind after finally hitting one smh.

Yoyo used is the Duncan Torque. Another awesome affordable metal from Duncan. Pretty smooth and has a bit of float while also having that solid but not too heavy feel. Obviously not gonna promote other stores but if you look around, you’ll find these for around 20-25 bucks and for that price I think it’s a steal. Plus shiny, raw looking throws are some of my favorite as well.


Nice. Is that a big block in the pickup?

Yes sir! 454 in a 1957 Chevy 3100 stepside. Lotttt of firewall cutting and customizing to make it fit


Music to my ears, that is going to be fun :hugs:

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Other than the classic big block this thing is going to be pretty resto-modded. It’s sitting on a newer corvette chassis, disk brakes all the way around, coil overs, 9 inch rear etc etc. If you ever wanna see more pictures or anything lemme know I’ll Dm ya some!

I guess the big block counts as part of the “resto mod” since that’s a pretty heavy modification lol.


I most definitely want to see some pics

Most are on my laptop so I’ll get on there and send ya some later :+1:t2:

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I’ve been thinking about this thread recently and how fun it was for me, how many yo-yos I’ve acquired since then, and decided to revive it. Not only to keep pushing myself to learn more stuff, but to keep track of progress a little as well. It was fun to come back and see myself several months ago, pay no attention to those little reviews (if you even wanna call them that lol). As always I welcome anyone and everyone to post too, it’s a great way to throw stuff you haven’t in awhile or just straight up don’t anymore.

And don’t feel like you have to post everyday, every week, or even every yoyo. I know a lot of you have cases full and this would take you years to go through lol, maybe just ones you really don’t play anymore, or your favs or whatever, doesn’t matter! For once I’m actually fairly busy today but tomorrow I plan on posting a trick or two I’ve been working on


How the heck have I never seen this thread before y’all really did all this?!? SMH…I’ll be back with a trick later


My collection has massively slimmed down.

I’ve improved a ton since last november, so this might be fun to revisit.


I agree, it is a cool idea! I don’t remember seeing this thread either and now I’m thinking about giving it a try. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any tricks and have been wanting to get back into it.


Here’s a short comfort trick with my favorite yoyo, the Hydrangea Magnolia.

It’s also the best color (pale pink).