Cool trick suggestion, and motivation

Hey, I want to know if you guys know of a cool trick (1A) I could learn! I think I am a intermediate player if that helps. Also I have not been yoyoing as much lately, I don’t know why. I think it is because I have hit the point that I mastered all of the beginner tricks and now the tricks have a jump in difficulty. So I would appreciate if you guys could give me a little encouragement. :smiley: Last, Is there any offstring yoyos that are under $30 that you think are good?

Thanks, MJ


Off string. Good is subjective. I like the flight because it’s cheap and durable and I suck so it mostly sees the ground allot. No need to get a nice yoyo just to smash it into the ground over and over.


Branding has kinda been my gateway into harder tricks along with attempting to learn the Yuuki slack. I would actually suggest the latter trick as it uses a bunch of simple elements but just expounds upon them


Thanks! I will try to learn them!

I was looking at the flight and I was going to buy it but as of 2 days ago it is out of stock…so I will be waiting for if to be back.

I got mine off of BST for dirt cheap you could post a looking for thread see if anyone has a cheap off string yoyo they are willing to part with. It’s not like the yoyo won’t get dinged a few dozen times anyway.

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Thanks! I am going to do that!

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Imma plug trick a week bc I really like it and like seeing more and more people joining the party.

This week is white Buddha which is a classic trick and super cool. Also you can check out past weeks tricks as well until you find something that looks fun to learn.


both of these are great suggestions


this is also a great suggestion =]


I would definitely recommend the Yotricks Spire! it’s one of the best budget offstring throws out there and it doesn’t skip out on performance whatsoever.

The spire is a fantastic offstring throw at a very affordable price! The spire is a collab between yotricks and iyoyo but it’s Mostly based off of the iyoyo icebreaker. It’s machined plastic which makes it a very smooth yoyo, both to the touch and in play.

It has an excellent amount of width which makes it a little easier to land whips and slacks. It feels very floaty as well so it’s a floaty yet powerful yoyo at the same time. It even has a nice fingerspin area too!

Overall I think you should totally check it out! It’s definitely worth that extra three dollars so for $33 bucks it’s an absolute steal. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions :grin:


Thanks!! I will check it out!

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sorry, can you tell me what “BST” is?

No worries friend. I work with military folk allot so acronyms come naturally for me but here you go.

Buy, sell, trade

It’s a category in the forum but there are also groups on discord, Facebook, Reddit, etc that people post stuff they are selling or looking for. I imagine if you posted an LF (looking for) thread under the buy dell trade category someone probably has a beat up off string they never use and are willing to sell you if your fine with sone pre damage.

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Thanks!! I will probably be posting a thread on that! Thanks again. I also don’t care how damaged the yoyo is so that will be great!