I am very bored

Tell me some yoyo tricks to try to learn and I will learn them and try to post videos on my progress until I get the trick down


Oh look! A whole thread full. And a trick for every week of the year! And you can share your progress!


Hi! Check out my channel. I teach some innovative trick ideas, like Triple Gondola, a cool frontstyle chopsticks Split the Atom (spelled Adam), etc. Most of my tricks are intermediate and shouldn’t be too hard but are inspired by older tricks, mostly picture tricks from 2010s. If you are only chugging down boring combos and linear trick videos, I can see why boredom is plaguing you. Learn some tech picture tricks, man. They are so rad. YOYODrama91 - YouTube

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Mach Whip Repeater is very nice, simple elements and looks great.