Looking for some fun and cool looking tricks

Anyone know any cool and fun tricks that are about intermediate level?

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Hard to say what is cool and fun for other people. I think this is fun, easy and very relaxing. Just one of many :smile:


I like the sakatuca repeaters. You can watch the compilations pretty quickly and stop when you see something cool you want to try.

If you expand the about on YouTube for each trick, there is also a google doc with all of them that has their difficulty as well as a few more things like if there is a slack or rejection etc. They are all also repeaters so in general less complicated to learn and fun like even the ones that don’t look that crazy can be really fun and have you thinking about the Yoyo in a different way.

There are a lot of people making really good tutorials for all skill levels, maybe try to bounce around and see whose teaching style you like best like lots of talking or none at all like these.

YoyoJoe has a ton of tutorials on his YouTube that vary in difficulty. I’m a pretty average thrower but his tutorials are always so in-depth and well explained that I never have any trouble getting through even the harder ones. I guarantee you’ll find a cool looking trick to learn through his playlist :+1: