Trick combo: help!


I was wondering if any throwers here with video recording capabilities could show me something.

I’m an advanced player (as in doing tricks from the ‘advanced’ section here on YoYoExpert) and I’ve been working on a combo:

Triple Eli Hops to Kwijibo, to Buddha’s Revenge into Matrix, arm grind then bind back.

I would like to see someone else pull this off, as well as any ideas to make transitions, particularly the Buddha into Matrix, a little more flashy.

I appreceate any and all input!


I’m only half way through the advanced section list here but for the Buddha’s Revenge to Matrix. It can be done if you dismount the Revenge into a Trapeze (like in the end step of Cold Fusion) and work your way to a double or nothing using matrix. This is how I usually incorporate my Matrix. It’s clunky but it gets the job done for my skill level. Someone suggested me to do a basic Matrix to Cold Fusion repeater combo. I tried mixing in Buddha’s Revenge in the middle of Cold Fusion.

You can skip the trapeze step if you somehow gain the momentum and go directly into a double or nothing. I don’t know how or if it’s even possible but you can play with the string configurations and get into a double or nothing.


I would suggest trying something. Instead of doing every trick in its proper order in a row, try something like this: start like a kwijibo, but when you get to double-or-nothing, do a full matrix, and then finish the kwijibo.


So I tried it, now the first thing i noticed is that the transition between the Buddha´s revenge and the matrix is really rough, since i go out the buddhas revenge (1.5 mount) in the opposite direction to how you go into the double or nothing. so i added a little “bounce” there. I just curl in my TH pointer to hold the string, bounce the yoyo on the string once to change the direction and go into the double.
The second thing i added at the end is not needet, but i love the element and i think it fits the trick pretty well and it is easy. its basicly just a fancy dismount from the 1.5 I end in (I dont swing completely into a double again but just go into a 1.5 since it looks better)

a short tutorial for that
The eli hops at the start work pretty well, but since I´m inside i couldn´t do them :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are just a few things I noticed right away when i tried it, in generall swapping the position of the matrix and the buddhas revenge would make it smoother, since the matrix can end in a 1.5 (not go into a double but a 1.5 after completing the trick). the direction your yoyo is going is important to keep in mind, since you have to use a “transition” to switch it if its not the correct direction.

I hope you understand what i mean :stuck_out_tongue: feel free to ask if I explained it to bad :stuck_out_tongue: