Trial By Fire

I mentioned it in my intro it is sort of like a matrix cold fusion combo
I call it trial by fire because it only looks god when done smooth and its very hit or miss there is the history now heres how its done

step 1 double or nothing
step 2 drop the string from your throw hand
step 3 roll the yoyo over the back of your throw hand now you should be in a trapeze
step 4 jump into a 1.5 mount
step 5 fill with a 1.5 mount trick or element like the white buddha pop out and in
step 6 get back to a 1.5 mount
step 7 double up like in cold fusion and role out into a trapeze
step 8 repeat steps 1-3
step 9 bind / end
any questions comments concerns
my video maybe soon

Cool. Sounds alright.

heres the video i think

wow it looks terrible but it gets the point across

Awesome! I could Learn this!