What should I learn next?

Help me out by telling me what trick I should do next.


I’m intermediate at yoyoing

can you do cold fusion? ???

Can’t I’ll attempt it tks

Can you land a double or nothing? Can you do the matrix? 1.5 mount? Houdini? You should learn these :stuck_out_tongue:

I can do all of these but the matrix

once i got the matrix down i started advancing faster.

Ok thanks

well then try cold fusion. It might be a little hard, but it’s still a nice trick. Then Buddha’s revenge, I think you can do cold fusion, then instead if going into the trapeze, you can do a Buddha’s revenge first.

Ok I’ll try them out

Plastic whip, Wrist whip, and laceration are all good ones. Oh, also sideways plastic whip!

Oh, I sent you a pm a while back, did you read it?

^ And your brother

I will look lol


mcbride roller coaster
cold fusion
mach 5
split the atom
buddhas revenge

all are very nice tricks to practice when learning to hit the string consecutively.
And theyre all found on yye

Ok tks