Next trick?

I have been yoyoing for like 3 months and i know matrix,plastic whip,and eli hops im just wandering what trick you guys think i should learn

Cold fusion, laceration

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Skin the gerbil is fun. Bhuddas revenge, jade/iron whip.

Na really, learn Gondola or Monorail, it was fun to me when I was learning the same tricks you are.

Keep going through the yye trick list… There are still a lot of tricks to learn, just look at the tuts and see which ones you like :slight_smile:

if you can do matrik, go for cold fusion.

buddhas revenge, i still use that one in so many aspects of other tricks haha

Cold fusion is a good one

Kwijibo! It might be a little bit of a stretch, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Also, skin the gerbil and buddha’s revenge teach you some really useful elements. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I learned Kwijibo and Spirit Bomb before Cold Fusion, and I’m finding Cold Fusion still challenging. Oh, I can get through it, but I can’t do that “bounce bounce” smoothness good players can get at the beginning. :wink:

I recommend Kwijibo. It’s not THAT impossible, and once you nail it, man… it’s like “Yeah, NOW I’m cookin’”. :wink: