Next trick to learn

I have been doing advanced trucks but have not mastered Buddha’s revenge yet. I have also done grinds. What trick should I learn next?

Do you know McBride rollercoaster?

…creeping with excitement…

Yes, I have learned mcbride roller coaster

cold fusion. its not too hard, and looks cool. plus it has a few elements of buddhas revenge!

good suggestion. And if you can handle some slacks, look at my trick “delicious, delicious nutella”. Its on here. Its not too hard.

Ok! Thank you of all of the feedback. I will try cold fusion and “delicious delicious nutella” right now. Again,cthwnk you all so much!! :slight_smile:

tell me how it goes with my trick!

…creeping with anticipation…

I shall tell you all when I believe I have mastered these tricks :slight_smile:

How about learning Buddha’s Revenge? :wink: