Next trick to learn

(liviooo) #1

I have been doing advanced trucks but have not mastered Buddha’s revenge yet. I have also done grinds. What trick should I learn next?


Do you know McBride rollercoaster?

…creeping with excitement…

(liviooo) #3

Yes, I have learned mcbride roller coaster


cold fusion. its not too hard, and looks cool. plus it has a few elements of buddhas revenge!


good suggestion. And if you can handle some slacks, look at my trick “delicious, delicious nutella”. Its on here. Its not too hard.

(liviooo) #6

Ok! Thank you of all of the feedback. I will try cold fusion and “delicious delicious nutella” right now. Again,cthwnk you all so much!! :slight_smile:


tell me how it goes with my trick!

…creeping with anticipation…

(liviooo) #8

I shall tell you all when I believe I have mastered these tricks :slight_smile:


How about learning Buddha’s Revenge? :wink: