New trick to learn?

I am an intermediateish yoer and I am trying to pick between the different tricks on what to learn. I just learned buddha’s revenge and McBride Rollercoaster. What is the best trick to learn next at my yoyoing level?

Try your hand at Rewind. It’s pretty similar to McBride Roller Coaster (I haven’t tried out McBride RC yet but I think I can do it). If you haven’t already, try getting smooth with Matrix and possibly Cold Fusion.

I am in the same level as you give or take (based on your post). As far as I can tell you are on Advanced 1/2 in this site’s tutorials. I’d suggest you master rewind. It helps a lot when hitting a particular string.



Rewind is one of the best tricks to learn to get you comfortable with more advanced layered mounts.

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I agree! Rewind is a fantastic trick. It is easy to learn and work to master.

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I learned Rewind a while ago- although I am still working on landing it every time.

Yes, it can get a bit frustrating to miss the “double or nothing and his brother” mount step. I’m not a master at it yet but I’m getting better. It helped tons when I got a yoyo with a wide catch zone.