Which trick should I try next?

I am looking for a new trick to do, and I have mastered the intermediate section and mastered the Matrix. I’m hopeless at the Rewind, like really really horrible. So which trick do I try next?

You should TRY to do Ladder Escape. Then you’ll give up and work on getting better at Rewind. :wink:

Skip Rewind for now, if you want. However, the trick does have good fundamentals. Also, I would try doing Gondola. It’s not too hard, and it’s fun for intermediates.

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try anything. i would recommend challenging yourself with and whut. it is really not too difficult, and that is be best way to improve. I think i learned skin the gerbil around the same time, and that is a fun one.

I would also recommend working on the basics. just fooling around with tricks until you get something new. try learning new aspects like slack or whips or suicides.

Try buddhas revenge the trick is fundimental (1 and a half mount and roll motion is common) it isn’t too hard. I learned it before mcbride roller coaster and rewind.hope I helped

Haha after you said that, I looked up gondala and learned it in 20 minutes. ;D

You should try something like the zipper. You should also try boomerang. These two tricks look really cool. The zipper is not that hard and boomerang JUAT takes a lot of practice.

Skin the Gerbal is quite fun.