Rewind -- why you so hard??

The actually good yoyoers are looking at my title and lifting their noses a bit, I’m betting (no offense taken!).

Not soliciting any tips here, just venting. I’ve been trying for several days to do this smoothly. I may have gotten it once or twice by missing the string then getting it with a little hop, and I’ve certainly always had to adjust the tilt of my yoyo if I’ve managed to land it.

Such a simple-seeming trick, but doing it well is doing me in!

(Learning the “Dennis McBride” style, by the way… just forefinger and middle finger, no thumbs)

Once more, in the words of Vancouver’s Yo-Yo Master Gary Li

Have some candy
Practice some more.

I can’t tell you how many times I"ve done the “what an I doing wrong” and thats the answer. Keep at it. If you are really getting stuck, learn something new then come back to it. Learning other techniques will sharpen your skills and make this one easier.

watch and rewatch the video. I mastered the trick, and then learned I was doing all the moves wrong.

Break the trick into parts, find out what you’re having trouble with and fix it, after that, put all the parts together and there’s your trick. :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on which video. :wink: I found a few, including one by Dennis McBride himself. Love the YYE videos and they’ve done me a lot of good, but in this particular case I don’t prefer the way Andre does the trick (using thumbs).

I know what I’m doing wrong; not landing on-axis and with the string the right length consistently. Like I said, just venting.

It’s not a super-fun trick to practice, either, but I can tell that just like Andre says in his version, practicing it will help with consistency of string hits.

Rewind is hard because that’s the way we make it until we learn to make it easy! Now there is an answer you could have done without. ;D

If it was always easy it just wouldn’t be as rewarding.

Haha! Au contraire, this is a perfect answer. :slight_smile:

The way I do it (Even though I’m not good at yoyos) is when you’ve landed in the Double or nothing try to push all the strings back leaving you much space to land the yoyo and string for the lats 2 parts.

Practice, rewind is one of my favorite tricks, and once you get it, it’s worth it.

lol. to get rewind down, make sure you rewind the video. a lot.

I tend to find if I squish some strings together and leave the one I land on separated in front helps