Question about some tricks (Intermediate tricks)

Ok, I’m new at Yo-yoing and I’ve been following Expert Village Turtorial Videos seen I got my very first Yo-Yo. The Grind Machine. I’m practicing intermediate tricks right now and the only one I have problem with is The Atomic Bomb (aka Barrel Rolls). The thing is I can’t make it look smooth like I have to stop at each loop (rolls). I saw several videos already (include the one from yoyotricks which has the slow motion). Is there any tricks to this trick. I’ve been practicing it for like 2 days non-stop (as in every hours possible). It’s just doesn’t look ‘cool’ when I do it ==’. Maybe I need to practice more ==’

And thank you for reading my silly thread :smiley:

Practice is something you will learn to love when it comes to throwing. You just need to smooth your trick buy doing it until it’s like a second nature.

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Yup. Just practice and time.

For what it’s worth, my barrel rolls don’t look like Andre’s (or Ann Connolly’s, or anyone else’s) either. Or at least I don’t feel like they do. Maybe I should film myself doing them sometime. :wink:

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So the one and only answer is “practice” :))
Well I do get better at it. You gotta see how sloppy I was when I first did it @@.
I also practice Double or Nothing (this is important for the Matrix and tricks from advance section that I’m going to learn) and somehow the yoyo always land on the two string. Oh well time to practice more and more and more :slight_smile:

With double-or-nothing it’s even more just about practice. You need to get the first wrap down near where your fingers meet your hands, and then the next wrap closer to your fingertip. At some point it will be so natural that you will forget double-or-nothing was hard!

For me it’s triple-or-nothing now. It’s exceedingly easy for me to hit triple or nothing whenever I want, but to have all of the string segments evenly-spaced out so that I can do Black Hops is tough. I can do it sometimes, but it’s certainly not “natural” yet. The first wrap needs to definitely be near the hand, but the second wrap needs to be further in than you would use for double-or-nothing as well, and that’s the awkward one. Then the final wrap needs to be pretty close to your fingertip, but that one’s not too hard. It’s that middle one!

Don’t worry, there will always be something new to learn, and there will always be tricks that you will suddenly think, “Oh, I’m natural at that now! Amazing!” No need to rush any of those stages. Work at a pace you enjoy (though for some people, that IS at a breakneck speed! If that’s you, by all means go for it!).

I got double or nothing down. I do have the problem of the strings needing to be evenly spaced out when I do it though.

For rewind, which I’m practising now, the double or nothing after trapeze and his bro needs to be perfect, or else when I try to reverse the double or nothing, the yoyo will land on two strings :S

Triple or nothing is an entirely different matter for me, though. I haven’t even attempted it yet :wink:

Well, first of all, I think you mean YoTricks. That is where I learned it from.

To answer your question, do it a lot. Practice makes perfect (sometimes :), in this instance though, it will).

Equinox, I believe a Rewind requires a triple or nothing, does it not? I’ve been doing it up to a triple or nothing at least. Maybe I’m overdoing it. :wink:

@GregP: Rewind does look like a triple or nothing but the different is you don’t need to do it in one swing @@. Anddd Matrix or Rewind only look cool when it smooth sign.

@zorro: right, my bad. I personally don’t like his tutorial. It’s too fast (the slow motion is nice though). Expert Village Videos are more detail


Doing triple or nothing in one swing is way easier than doing Rewind. :wink: Rewind… that’s a surprisingly hard trick!! Took me a long time to start hitting it, and I still don’t always nail it.

Whats rewind. There are so many I forgot what they were… Some of the “R” ones.

At 13 I think I’m getting old… Hmm. NAW! ;D

I think you meant 31 not 13 :))
I filmed myself and my barrel look kinda smooth now. It doesn’t have the feel of a pro though =)). Just start doing Double or Nothing and man, I hit that ground hard :))

Naw, I’m still young. You must have your ages confused…

I am clearly 13 and have Magnificent barrel rolls ::)…

Yeah it does :wink:
I’m just bad at it, so instead of learning the whole trick together, I’ve learnt it in parts. I’m on the reverse double or nothing part at the minute, triple or nothing, for me at least, will come later ^-^

Rewind is trapeze, trapeze and his bro, spin round to double or nothing, reverse the last ‘landing’ of the double or nothing, then spin round in to a triple or nothing :slight_smile:

@Equinox: You don’t need to explain to him. He’s just showing off of how a pro he is that he forgot the basic tricks ==

Last night, I tried Boingy Boing :)) It sure is hard

His video helped me a lot.

When I cannot figure out what andré is doing then I will reference YoTricks.

Good luck and keep at it.

do you know how to do split the atom? if so i would practice that one for a while then try barrel rolls. that might help you be a little smoother. and like everyone has said, it is all about practice

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Yes, your answered your own question. Practice is what makes a trick look good.